Thursday, January 17, 2008

Highly Placed Mole in Republican Party?

When I heard about this on the bus on the way home yesterday, it reminded me of the heady days of the Cold War, where there seemed to be spies everywhere. My thinking at the time was, they were communists then, or people just looking for some extra money. Now we have Republican congressman Mark Siljander being charged with multiple counts of funding for al-Qaeda terrorists! Turns out that he's been around since Reagan was president, but when I first heard the name, I thought he may have been that Muslim congressman who tried to take the oath of office with the Koran. Nope.

It's still too early to say what a purportedly Christian fundamentalist would be doing funding the people responsible for 9/11. One theory is that it is part of an inevitable final battle as written about in the book of revelations (see Google video on this page, download it while you can). Perhaps he just couldn't wait for it to start, wanted to hurry it along maybe?

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