Thursday, January 31, 2008

About Face in Afghanistan

I have always been a supporter of the invasion of Afghanistan, because of the Taliban's harbouring of Osama, and it was such a desperately poor place, I figured that the world community should give them a hand. However, in my mind, I came up with three conditions that would change my mind about our continued involvement there:
  1. Lack of support from our allies
  2. The government there does not support anything resembling human rights
  3. Our troops screwed up bad
Well, the first two things have come to pass, and they are enough in themselves to make me join the chorus of people who want to bring our trips home (I'm even in agreement with Harper on this). Come to think of it, if our troops are in there too long, they will likely screw up. They're only human. It would be nice if they could come home with dignity, which they would today. However, I could change my mind back, if things were to change for the better.

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