Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Anne Murray Tilts at Windmills

(Someone's gotta say it, how I miss Kevin Brennan and Ian Welsh.)
I was on the bus today when I happened upon the first section of today's Chronicle-Herald. In the back page, I saw this letter that the singer Anne Murray wrote. Not sure how to respond to it, since wind farms are a relatively new thing. If they make too much noise, then I may understand, but if they just 'ruin' the skyline, I might have some trouble with that. Another link.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing up the point. The windmills I have been around make virtually no noise. I expect it is more a skyline issue. Of all the things for Anne Murray to comment on, she picks this. ????

genslub3 said...

It's hard to imagine them making that much extra noise when to move they are powered by wind which is noisy itself. If they make noise I would think bearings are soon to go.

If it's just the skyline most of northern Ontario is uninhabited and no one would notice them except the birds.

Ask anne if she would rather a windmill next door or a nuke plant.

Course the problem in Canada is that we keep adding 300,000 people each year via immigration and thus keep needing more power.

Bringing people here from parts of the world where they don't need energy makes no sense if we are worried about energy consumption.

thats not counting the roads, schools, houses, stores etc that need to be built. If Ontario's population was stable you could close nuke plants.

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