Monday, May 28, 2007

Still on the environment...

At first when environmentalism dominated the news, I was happy, but also concerned that this may be another overhyped fad that is quickly forgotten. There was also that documentary that Al Gore made, which I finally got around to seeing, twice in two weeks. There seems to be increasingly widespread doubt about some of the key points in 'An Inconvienient Truth'. First of all, it's hard to believe that there is a total scientific consensus. There is always someone with equal qualifications who will disagree with the majority, and I'm inclined to think that if there isn't something's wrong. Science is one of those things that should always be questioned, if for no better reason than to keep it on the straight and narrow. One thing that I will not abide by is intellectual and academic dishonesty (take heed Mr. Doherty), and if Gore's documentary turns out to be wrong on its key points, then well he should be dismissed as a fraud, because he will have done considerable damage to the cause of environmentalism (a cause I still very much believe in), and create a huge setback for us. They have been telling us for years about the Greenhouse Effect and the increasing carbon in the atmosphere, and perhaps I as well as many other people have been duped into thinking that too much carbon will turn Earth into another Venus, but I still think that it's possible, if not very likely. At best, the damage to our ecosystem is in an early stage, and could be easily reversed. At worst, it's already too late. It remains to be seen which side is right.

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