Sunday, January 21, 2007

Uhh..... new is good.....

I first read about this in Harry Bruce's column in the NovaScotian, that Stephen Harper has decided to change the heading in the federal government's press releases from "Government of Canada" to "Canada's New Government". Since I had a news alert system in my Yahoo account, I decided to get news articles with the exact words "new government" in it. I estimate that at least half of the articles I received were releases from "Canada's New Government". I don't know about you, but it takes away from the good feeling that I was starting to have about Harper after his speech admitting that Quebec is a nation.

Does he really think that we're that stupid? Or is he right to believe that we are? It's really a question of what we as a people are willing to lap up. You can find many such articles at the official Government of Canada website (as yet, not the "Canada's New Government" website) and as I discovered on my new Google account (my entry into the upgraded Blogspot), the CNW group. This all seems to be part of the trend of everything, including governments, to be run like businesses, complete with advertising. I'd like to think that this thinking is on the way out, but it will only happen when people stop being taken for drooling, slack-jawed knuckledraggers.

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