Sunday, January 21, 2007

Let's Hear It For Patrick Leahy

So far, I've heard from ThisCanadian, The Galloping Beaver, hearing\loss, whig, Ferrariman, generalspeaking, and The Hodson Report. Is it just me, or have both houses of Congress begun to regain a sense of rationality? It just seems that there isn't nearly so much bluster in political discourse since the Republicans lost both houses. But the neo-con movement seems to be far from dead, and it's certainly not going away(courtesy of Sonic from Hitchenswatch).

However, the neo-Cons do not have as much to crow about as they did before, which fulfils the prediction that Gwynne Dyer made that it's part of a pattern of history, particularly American history, where people will fall for a political fad, then grow tired of it. Cooler heads are prevailing, for the moment. Let's hope that it was a kind of conservative catharsis, that they got most of it out of their system, and that everyone starts playing it cool again, except on things that really matter, such as the Maher Arar case. Patrick Leahy kicks ass, anyone care to disagree?

BTW, nice to hear from you Vince. I'm back again.

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BlueBerry Pick'n said...

I think it runs deeper.

There is something wrong down there that I think stems from OLD families & OLD racism.

The advent of the "Our Nazis are smarter than YOUR Nazis" race against Russia & the UK for the atomic bomb, meant that any former Nazi academic got a free pass directly into a pool of academia in post-WWII USA.

right into the old KKK that was looking for something to pretend they weren't just backward hicks with a chip on their shoulder.

Just say'n.

MK-ULTRA: Canadian Patients allege CIA abuse

"Banality of Evil" discusses Maher Arar: CNN uncritically reported Gonzales' defense of RENDITION to Syria

The best thing that ever happened to Canada was Pierre Trudeau's ACADEMIC & MULTICULTURAL bureaucratic revolution amongst Ottawa's Mandarines.

It kept the Gringo MSM from having as much sway as it does South & withing the broadcast of Faux News.
Your excuse to READ PLAYBOY this month!
Meeting 'Mr. Tuple': Six Degrees of INseparability: tagging, data-mining & Terrorism Scores

"Lost in Translation": How Iran said what they didn't...

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