Monday, November 06, 2006

I'm Going to Ottawa. Can I Get Anybody Anything?

On Thursday, I am meeting with other members of the World University Service of Canada (WUSC) to attend the Annual Assembly in Ottawa. WUSC, if anyone is wondering, is an non-government organization that sponsors students to come to Canada to go to University. For me, it will be my first time in Ottawa, and hopefully not the last. I've checked out the CheapEats Ottawa site but they seem to make things complicated. I would appreciate any help as far as explaining how that site works.

My travelling companions are three or four girls (now now) and we are taking a rented car all the way there. I will be staying at the hotel with one other guy, the girls are staying at a hostel. We all agreed to go to different lectures, but for my part, I forget which ones I signed up for. On Saturday night though, we will likely be hitting the town. On Sunday, we will be leaving, and partying the night away in Montreal! I'm not sure of the exact details as to where we are going, but we should be out and around.

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Vincent Keating said...

Blogs, interrupted, eh? I'll have you know that I'm back online - unlike *cough* some people... ;)