Thursday, October 12, 2006

Spot on!

This article by Jacob Weisberg (collector of 'Bushisms', so take it any way you like), summarizes much of what I believe, such as that Iraq was the wrong target at the wrong time (there were better places to invade, and given time, there may have been sucessful reconstructions), that American troops and resources are being tied down when they could be of better use in other places, and that the 'War on Terror' had made more enemies and united them as well. Some of the comments in the Fray are interesting, but I take issue with people who said that liberals like Weisberg are 'blaming Bush for everything', but they don't address the arguments. They just say that 'they are all out to get us', which may have an element of truth in it, but America is becoming less and less able to defend itself. And one nit-picking point, is the 'Axis of evil' an actual axis? This has always clashed with my understanding of what an axis is. I'm not sure what it is, although I think that it has to do with geometry.

Also, has anyone seen this? I laughed over and over again. It's only offensive to people who think that any mockery or criticism of America is America-bashing.

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