Thursday, October 12, 2006

Attacks on free speech

Can you believe this crap? A dad from Texas wants the classic novel 'Farenheit 451' banned from his daughter's school curriculum, for all students. Before anyone says anything along the lines of 'only in America', all of the comments in that story, all Americans apparently, lambaste that putz (I believe that's Yiddish slang for penis), even most conservatives would not side with him on that. I haven't read the book, but I don't think that it's much more profane than 'Of Mice and Men', which I read in Grade 10. Dare to compare?

Par contre... If there is any truth in this, I have to question why. I can't think of any reason off the top of my head why they would ban conservative videos, why not let them express themselves, even if it is propaganda, while they also show jihad videos. If that's all there is to this story, I would just have to say, 'Bad Youtube. Bad!' (h/t Quotulaciousness)

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