Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What did I miss?

I watched 'The Path to 9/11' on Sunday and Monday, but I have to admit here that I did not watch every minute of it, so I may have missed some of the more controversial parts. From what I can remember, it was not a particularly memorable experience, and got very little out of it. Some of the details about earlier terrorist attacks and some of their failures were explained in a documentury I had seen on 'The National' a week or so earlier, such as the fire in that apartment in the Philippines which yielded a laptop with details of plans to attack places.

If it has affected me, or anyone else, it would have to have been in a subliminal manner. Sure it highlighted some of the mistakes that the Clinton administration made, while not mentioning any of the mistakes that the administration Bush the Younger had made, which were admittedly fewer since he was only in office for 8 months. Later, I watched 'The Daily Show' and Jon Stewart summed up the attitude that I have since taken, basically, it's just another made-for-TV movie. They are a dime-a-dozen anyway (not a direct quote). It was largely fictionalized anyway, ABC admitted it, my theory is that it is revenge from the Right for 'The da Vinci code', another work of fiction that some tried to pass off as fact.

Back to Bush for a second, I watched his speech on Monday, and he is apparently clinging to his pipe dream of democratizing the entire Middle East. He blamed the previous policy of stressing stability over freedom in large part for 9/11. That's his simplistic way of looking at things, or he just lacks a clear idea of what stability is. I include security on the idea that as many of a country's citizens as possible are fed, and that their basic needs are met first. What's the point of being free if you're starving or unsafe in your own home? Just asking.

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