Tuesday, September 19, 2006

On the USA, Canada, Afghanistan, Europe, NATO, etc.

I'm somewhat divided on the subject of the war in Afghanistan at the moment. As much as I like the idea of trying to turn around that particularly hard-done-by people, certain questions are being asked about the commitment of other NATO countries. I would rather not have it be just us, the USA, and Britain there, but really, it's a question now of whether or not other countries are willing to back us up. If they don't, then we should leave Afghanistan for just that reason, that we are basically making sitting ducks of our armed forces, fighing a battle in which they are hopelessly mismatched. It just does not make sense to send people into battle who have no chance of winning but have every possibility of dying (although it hasn't stopped some countries before.)

On the same note, it appears that the US is running out of armed forces of its own. I do worry about the American armed forces as much as the Canadian armed forces. They are going to get burnt out or killed off, and we will not be able to defend ourselves. At least in Afghanistan, if other countries are willing to back us up, and give us a fighting chance, we ought to stay there. If not, we should call it a day and go home. We have to start thinking for ourselves as well.


andrew said...

Hi Danny

I think the most importnat thing here is that you, a blogger, are discussing this, because whether the Canadian military should be fighting that war in Afghanistan is not being discussed in the press. They give a lot of press to items like Tim Hortons opening a branch in Kandahar, and they give 15 minutes everytime another group of soldiers is killed, but essentially there was no debate on whether the Canadian military should be there.

anyway, just thought I would drop in and day hi. Hope your summer was good - did you go away?

Looney Canuck said...

Hi Andrew. My summer was pretty good, and no, I did not go anywhere.

I'm sorry to hear that you're currently sitting all alone in your apartment, lately, watching TV all the time. I suppose that you need something to do, but I still have your former perspective on TV. I'm too busy to be watching very much TV, although I'm still anxiously awaiting the new season of Doctor Who. So how else are you spending your time before you leave?

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