Friday, September 08, 2006

All the rage

Has anyone checked out the Hot Documents section on MSN Slate? (both on left sidebar) It would appear that stilted, hyperbolic dialogue featuring personal attacks of all sorts has entered the conservative mainstream (works best with older versions of IE) with a vengeance, and they credit a certain right-wing pundit whom I will not name, but even before you click, you must know who I'm talking about. The inflammatory, almost violent dialogue has re-entered the mainstream, after having lulled somewhat after the 2004 American election.

It just seems that the neocons and their pundits are trying to use verbal brute force to get their point across, or at least to cloud the issues. So who is to blame? Personally, I think that it was the radical Left that started this trend back in the '60s, with their emotional, pejorative rhetoric; while the Right and the Old Order at the time tried to maintain their 'stiff upper lip'. The prevailing belief of the Baby Boom generation in its prime was reflected, or reinforced, in the popular cinema of the day (The Graduate, Rosemary's Baby being two examples). young, liberal = Good; old, establishment, conservative = Evil.

Today, the Left is still fanning the fires of bile-filled rhetoric, but the Right has far exceeded them. My advice to the Left today is to acknowledge when and where this trend started, and adopt a stiff upper lip for themselves, and take the personal attacks from the Right with a smile at best, and hopefully, the Right will run out of the energy to stay so angry all the time and we will get back to serious political discourse. I'd like to think, along with Mr. Noah, that true, serious conservatives are embarrased by the words and actions of prominent conservative pundits. It just seems to be a matter of time before mad-dog conservatives allege that anyone and everyone left of centre, however slightly, are inherently impotent, weak, isolationist, lazy Nazis who are sexually depraved, concerted, organized, interventionist communists who are secretly planning the overthrow all democracies and replace them with Muslim theocracies, etc. etc. etc.

Back at school
I went to the campus bookstore yesterday, and found a couple of books that might interest some people on the Right. Jean-Francois Revel's 'Anti-Americanism' and 'The Black Book on Communism'. Apparently, there are some professors who are not 'Moonbats'. Just an observation.

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