Friday, June 16, 2006

My Summer Vacation Started on the 14th

Well, I didn't win. Suprise! Suprise! It took a few days to recover from the campaign and now I'm basically back to being a private obsever, although I would certainly like to be a participant again, being somewhat familiar with how the process works. I would like to thank all of those people who gave me words of encouragement, such as 'the Super Nova Scotian' Andrew, saskboy, skeit, and those people who wrote to me in person with their questions. And I would like to especially thank Mike McGuire, for setting up his election blog and giving us all a chance to air our viewpoints. It's people like you all that keep the system working.

The Wooden Monkey - Final Chapter (?)
The polls closed at 7 and by 8 o'clock, it was pretty much it. Everyone who ran made an impromptu speech, and I waited to give mine until I heard what I received. At that point, I had something like 297 votes, but when I checked the next day, I had 339. I kept telling myself earlier that I would be lucky to get over 100, and I did not do any door-to-door campaigning, but I did make one or two public appearances. I suspect that it was mostly people with whom I grew up with, but for whatever reason, it was encouraging. I heard some interesting and amusing stories about people who ran under the Marxist-Leninist banner in federal elections, who could basically count all of the votes they had on one hand. So if I decide to run again, provincially or otherwise, I'm sure that I can only do better next time.

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