Friday, June 09, 2006

An Evening with Elizabeth May

If you haven't read these two (2) posts first, you might want to.

When I arrived at Scotiabank Auditorium, I sat next to Elizabeth Perry, whom I have associated with frequently with the Green Party and who ran in Dartmouth-Cole Harbour in the last federal election and is currently running in Dartmouth East. The event was hosted by Tamara Lorincz from the Nova Scotia Environmental Network. After she introduced, she proved to be an effective speaker. The main topic was the tar sands in Alberta, and how the Ralph Klein and Chretien/Martin governments gave permission for oil companies to drill there. Apparently, both governemts only take 1% in taxes on the oil revenues, which are among the lowest in the world, and this oil is difficult and expensive to drill, not to mention having excess carbon as well as other pollutants. She also mentioned how the town of Fort MacMurray is struggling with high unemployment and a contaminated environment. According to her, though, there are some better and safer ways that we can get energy, but I cannot recall what they are. I meant to write this for over a week now, but the strange thing is, the day after the talk, this article appeared on, which seemed to bear out almost everything she said. It's not there anymore, it now on the Washington Post online.

However, I saw something on Blogshares last week, apparently there is a huge, untapped oil reserve in Colorado which is actually larger than all of the oil in the Middle East, and the American government has known about this since the 1930s. Is it real, or just another Bre-X? If it's true, then it would solve many of our problems, particularly the need for the tar sands. Then again, it may create more problems, since it is still a pollutant as well as still a limited resource. Has anyone else heard about this?

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