Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Should They Cut and Run?

Until recently, I was inclined to think that an American withdrawal from Iraq would lead to chaos and a humanitarian disaster. But now I'm not so sure. Here is one article from Lt. General William Odom from Foreign Policy magazine online that throws cold water on the arguments that the Americans should stay until the "necessary work" is done. Another article from the December 2005 issue of the right-leaning Atlantic Monthly makes similar arguments. As for the question of Afghanistan, that for me is another issue for another day.

Par Contre...
Some bad, worse, and downright horrid news from the United Nations. It's just a question which is worse, nominating someone like Jean Ziegler for membership of the U.N. Subcommission for the Promotion and Protection for Human Rights, setting up a new "Human Rights Council" with members states like Cuba and Saudi Arabia, or the fact that whatever reforms that were about to happen probably won't, because some of the poorer states voted against them. All these depressing factors as well as the recent revelations of sexual abuse from some members of its African missions seem to be confirming the worst accusations by its critics as a hopelessly inert, corrupt body and have made me seriously question if the U.N.'s days are numbered. I wonder if they have a "plunger option" and whether Annan has considered using it.

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