Saturday, May 06, 2006

A Bit About Me

I've just finished my (technically) second year at Saint Mary's, but I have no intention of "taking it easy" this summer. I am now moonlighting with a second blog. Before you click there, a piece of information. I am a diagnosed autistic. It's a difficult thing to explain, and even the experts have trouble finding a definition for it, but all you need to know about me is that if you met me in person, in the street or wherever, I don't look any different from the next person (just a little better ;-). I'm quite verbal, yet not as verbal as other people on the autism spectrum who I think have a tendency to talk too much.

The reason I did not come out with this when I set up this blog over two years ago was that I wanted to be somewhat established first, people would not treat me any different (with kid gloves or what not) and it seems that I have had a small but loyal following. I hope that this does not change anything, I'm the same person I was in my last post. Anyway, without further ado, my new Yahoo! profile, which I'm still working on, and my new blog, Autistic Czar. Cheers.

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