Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Quacks Like A Doc

I have to weigh in on this post in the Western Standard blog, being someone who has a personal interest in autism. As far as possible side effects of vaccinations, I would like to say that I am categorically one of those people who does NOT believe in a link with the Mercury-based preservative thimerosal in certain vaccines. I am not a student of any science but Political Science, and I certainly have no medical background, but can state with every confidence of being ultimately proven right that there is no significant connection between vaccines and autism, despite a vocal lobby being spurred on by some junk scientists, journalists like David Kirby, and celebrities like RFK Jr., trying to cause an unwarranted panic. I will admit to the possibility that vaccines may have other side effects, such as allergies, but not autism. For a more complete analysis, start by checking out this post from Autism Diva.

I'm also with most autistic people in the belief that much of the hype about autism is the result of the rigidity of certain parents and professionals, that cannot deal with a child that is anything less than "perfect", or just a general fear or dislike of people who are slightly different. I don't want to downplay the trouble that some parents have with autistic children who have frequent meltdowns and are uncontrollably violent. I've heard all the horror stories, but that's not all that autism is, and many autistic people are not that hard to deal with. A little quirky, perhaps geeky, but they are certainly not all monsters who tear families apart.
It's even been said that autism is "worse than cancer", apparently, that was Herr Bruno Bettelheim, the one responsible for the "refrigerator mother" theory. Scheisskopf! Never believe that.

There is so much misinformaton that has been going around and is still going around about autism, and they seem terribly committed to being wrong. I could recommend some links by people on the autism Spectrum so you could hear it from the horse's mouth, so to speak. I'm feeling a bit lazy at the moment, so I'll just recommend for now that you check out the links on Autism Diva's blog, which I've already linked to above, (some of the web pages she links to are a bit long, involved, and somewhat combative, just thought I'd warn you). In short, if you're hesitant about vaccinating your children, please do not be that way out of fear of autism. It should not even be a consideration, it's just a lot of noise that doesn't ring true.

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