Sunday, March 12, 2006

Objectionable, religious or not

There were protests in Toronto yesterday in support of Denmark, and as I found out on the late news, there was a demonstration in Halifax as well, but only a few people turned up, and consequently, did not make any national news as far as I could link. I was given a tip about some protests for the 11th, but nothing really concrete. I have to confess that I was expecting something to turn up on some university bulletin boards, but I don't remember seeing anything about it. That's my excuse. But anyway, Dr. Peter March was there, talking to reporters, not that there's anything wrong with that.

And just to show that I'm not only against religious opression, I found a newspaper that I never saw on campus before, but apparently they are getting more circulation and some free publicity. It's probably because this newspaper and the people who work for it have been targeted for intimidation and violence by the "People's" "Republic" of China. I had scarcely heard of the Epoch Times before, but some of the stories struck a nerve in me. Their office in Hong Kong was broken into by four thugs while people were still working there, and they threatened the staff and smashed their brand new equipment. And not only that, an executive for the Epoch Times, Li Yuan, was beaten in his own home in Atlanta while some other thugs stole his laptops, while ignoring other valuables that he had. This is basially the same kind of mentality that the Islamists have. Some beliefs that are so sacred that nobody anywhere in the world can question them. As I said in a previous post, screw that!

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