Monday, March 20, 2006

New Neighbour, Old Blogger?

Yesterday, I found out that Andrew, the Super Nova Scotian, has relocated, temporarily it seems, in some very familiar settings. So Andrew, if you're reading this, you may be pleased to know that I'm studying Marxism this semester in International Relations, and yes, Antonio Gramsci was mentioned. I'm not sure I buy into Marx, but I always thought that he was fairly accurate as far as assessing situations, and he could predict things accurately as well (but not all the time, he thought that England and the U.S. would be the first places to go communist). His solutions, though, are for the birds, if the history of communist countries is a true indication. Feel free to write, we'll have a beer, perhaps at the Gorsebrook.


Vincent Keating said...

Given the current state of Marxism, you'd be surprised at the amount of references Gramsci gets in academic literature - particularly sociology. I guess the key to academia is to come up with an all-encompassing buzzword, like 'hegemony,' and then leave it to your predicessors to figure out exactly how it's applied. Look at what 'the end of history' did for an otherwise half-rate thinker.

andrew said...


Thanks for the mention, and of course we now know that by coincidence my move not only means that I am doing some work at the smae place that you study but that we are in the same apartment building - too weird!

Vincent, you are right that Gramsci gets a lot of mention in Sociolgical terms. This is because he is so influential not just in terms of neo-Marxist political writing - he is one of the key neo-M's - bt because his work is a foundation of modern cultural studies. And I agree with you about Francis Fukayama and his half-baked western-centric arrogance.

Looney Canuck said...

Andrew, Vincent, about Mr. Fukyama, Hitchens seems to agree with you both about that, although for possibly different reasons.

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