Monday, March 13, 2006

The Neocons are discredited, now what?

It would appear that Mr. Fukyama is not trumpeting how supreme Western civilization is anymore, and he's not the only one. The Iraq thing is not working out as planned, neither is Afghanistan. So we in the West are not all-powerful, or completely righteous. What can we do? I disagree with the idea of bringing all of our troops home, even if it were physically possible, which is not possible for the Americans because they have thousands of soldiers there, and the technology does not exist that can beam them all out and back home in seconds. Secondly, the invasion of Iraq cannot be undone, we need to assess the current situation, and how to stop, or at least, delay as long as possible, a humanitarian disaster.

Here's a crazy idea, they should set up a government. It doesn't even have to be democratic, it just has to stand up to the forces it's certain to face and just, well, not fail. That is what the American government has to contend with, it's not so much rogue states anymore (but some of them are serious concerns), but failed states, which are ideal breeding grounds for terrorism. Once this government can stand on its own, then the American troops can start to fall out. That's the best they can do under the circumstances. They can at least save face, and maybe even maintain their ability to fight in clearly more justifiable wars, which will likely happen sooner rather than later. The worst that can still happen is that the USA will become bankrupt and unable to fight in any war, and I'm sure that they are going to be needed.


jacobin said...

The Iraq thing is not working out as planned, neither is Afghanistan

i beg to differ looney

it's exactly as planned. who gets more funding, fema,cia,nsa,pentagon,halliburton etc..

the longer the war last the more money they get, if a few thousand soldiers die, well for them its chump change, and the media a good people like yourself say "well we have to stay and help these people"

The Tiger said...

You do realize that your post is more or less American policy, except for the fact that they haven't yet given up on the hope of having that democratic (more or less) government just yet, right?

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