Thursday, March 02, 2006

I Think That Went Well

Last night's talk was uneventful, but that was a good thing. The speakers spoke and some of us, myself included, were able to get a question in. I asked Dr. Badawi about my concern about what Muslims see as whether or not their jurisdiction has limits. It was something that I tried to tread carefully on, because I was afraid that something racist might come out that I did not mean, but I wanted to still hold my ground. He took my question in the spirit it was given and addressed my concern, that the Qu'ran does in fact acknowledge limits on people and places in Islamic law. Perhaps it would not be fair to call him a moderate, but someone I just consider to be as reasonably sane as the next person. At the risk of being unfair again, I tend to think that the reason that more "moderate" Muslims do not speak out is because they are the ones who have to worry about radical Islamists more than anybody.

It was interesting to listen to him talk, because whenever he mentioned a prophet by name, he would always punctuate him by saying "peace be with him". He did that with Jesus and Moses as well as Mohammed. And that Buddhist gentleman had some interesting insight, or at least he admitted that he had little as far as Islam. He was of course familiar with Christianity and Judaism as well as Buddhism, but he knew little about Islam itself. That's probably the problem with most of us in the West. The people living in the Middle East probably have more inside knowledge about us than we do about them.

Peter March was there as well, and earlier in the day, I read an interview with him in the school paper "The Journal". He seemed quite knowledgable about Islamic history and had quite a sympathetic view of it. He even has someone teaching it to him! He was also one of the last people to get a word in, but sadly, I forget what his question or comment was. I think that it was just a comment, and it did not offend anyone and he was not heckled, shouted down or anything. The night ended on quite a positive note. Cape Breton University really should change their mind about having their own discussion, or debate or whatever it is. It was an enlightening experience.


Anonymous said...

i was at the event tooo. i like wut you said and really appreciated your comments on the issue.

Looney Canuck said...

Thank you, whomever you are.

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