Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Wanted: Protest Arranger

For now, I am sympatico with Christopher Hitchens. We may disagree about the necessity, or at least, the timing of the war, but his latest article really speaks for me. Why are so many people, Muslim or not, condemning the entire nation of Denmark? And why aren't more people standing up for them? It was a few weeks ago that Muslims protested at the Danish consulate in Halifax, and if a demonstrantion in support of Denmark has not happened yet, someone should arrange for one.

Denmark is only a small country out of many in Europe, with a history of democratic rule and freedom of expression. No way in hell does it deserve what is happening to it. And now it seems that Western countries are dusting off old blasphemy laws, or formulating unprecedented new ones. Why are we letting this happen?! Our system is based on differing spheres of government, religion, and the press. This is a pluralistic society, and one religion should in no way be allowed to dictate the rules to other religions or other spheres of society. We should be able to write what we think and not be intimidated by the direct threat of violence by any one religious group. As increasingly abhorrent as I find the drawing of Mohammed with a bomb in his turban, it is no reason for overhauling our culture, legal structure, or way of thinking just to accomodate one religion. Therefore, what I would like to do is find someone to organize a demonstration in support of the Danish. I believe that in standing up for the Danes, we are in fact standing up for ourselves. I personally have no experience in organizing such things, but would be among the first to march for them. Does anyone in the Halifax area reading this know how to arrange a demonstration?


lecentre said...

I don't recall where i read it, but several people have posted about this same issue. I think perhaps the Israel News Agency said Danishes taste better than Iranian explosives, and another blog also strongly came out pro-Danemark. A search on google's blogsearch could probably help you out. They may not organize the protest for you, but they themselves may know someone...
Good article,

Vincent Keating said...

Of course, the question is whether the protests are against freedom of expression or whether they are about being insulted by the Danish media. One could argue that Muslims are, in fact, solely expressing their own opinion in the face of this insult. Now, the issue is clearly more politicised than this, and needless to say none of this defends any type of violence, but we don't tend to freak out when the nurses surround province house (unless you're the Primier) - why should this be any different?

Looney Canuck said...

Thank you lecentre. I do have some connections with some political groups at Saint Mary's. I'll be sure to post any happenings in relation.

Vincent, certainly Muslims have the right to protest when their beliefs are being insulted, like any religion does here. However, when they say that we non-Western Muslims cannot portray their Prophet in any way shape or form, I have to say "screw that". It had never occured to me to portray Mohammed at all until they started protesting against any depictions of him anywhere in the world.

My issue here is that the trade, freedom, and possible safety of the Danes has been attacked, for the actions of only a few. And only a few of those few did anything wrong. But an entire country has been condemned and possibly threatened, as well as other countries that have printed the cartoon, and I just don't think that's right. We in the West need to close ranks here, and let the Muslims know that we will not stand idly by when we are being threatened from abroad.

Mark Dowling said...

March 25th:

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