Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Things that happen when you're not looking 1. Get a new premier, and he's dangerously close to my age (never mind!). The fact that they held a convention on Saturday took me by complete suprise, guess I need to pay more attention to matters at home.

So everyone is all abuzz about David Emerson's sudden switch. Here's my $.02, it is even worse, and more sudden than the Stronach defection. It makes you wonder whom you are actually voting for. It's like Harper's strategy is "Let's start at the bottom, and see how far we can dig." Really, things can only get worse.

Back to Harper, what does he mean by "regret". Is that the right word for what's in the current "Western Standard" issue? Did he have anything to do with it's publication? Is he admitting to anything? Where I draw the line is at hate literature.

Surely there is a difference between depicting Mohammed and hate literature?! If I want to depict Mohammed, it should be my right as a non-Muslim in a non-Muslim country. Should I make drawings of him and just show my friends? Would that satisfy? Maybe I should start depicting gods and prophets of other religions, is there any danger in that? I wanna know.

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