Friday, January 20, 2006

Famous last words?

So why do I believe all of the hype about Stephen Harper, even if it's all true (which hype seldom is). Maybe because he is a little further to the right than Brian Mulroney(?) I start to ask myself, "What can he really do?" Even if he really wanted to. He even admitted, perhaps unwisely, that the civil service, the Senate, and the Courts are dominated by Liberal-appointees. He would also be constrained, at least at first, by laws, procedures, and precedents. Maybe I'm just kidding myself, but it seems that the ultimate choice is either his party or the Liberals, unless we can somehow get a third-wheel that can form an opposition that actually has a chance to win the next election. Could he actually finish the job that Mulroney set out to do? And really, wasn't the Chretien/Martin regime just a natural continuation of it? Perhaps I can just comfort myself with the belief that the ultimate surrender of Canadian sovereignty will not happen all at once, and that Harper will make it a little less painful.

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