Saturday, December 31, 2005

See You Next Year

Well, so ends the year as well as the Christmas season. We saw the cooling of rhetoric and federal scandal after federal scandal both here in Canada and the United States. Yet in our case, there is still a good chance that our government will be re-elected. But I intend to forget that depressing thought tonight, I'm going downtown to celebrate, and I hope to get back home in one piece and not too sick. I'll see if I'll run into James MacDuff from Ahab's Whale. There are still no bloggers I've met face-to-face whom I did not know before.

I look forward to next year with anticipation and dread, so I will probably not wish anyone happy new year for the latter reason. Back on topic, I'm not sure what to make of Ralph Goodale, other than that he's probably the last honest Liberal. I'm inclined to think though that his staying in office might hamper the investigation, but that did not stop Michael Wilson from the Mulroney era. Other than that, Ottawa probably needs an excorcist than another election. Just saying.
Off to the Grand Parade.

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