Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Is this a scandal, or isn't it?

I first heard about this on Sunday when I was watching "state-run" television. It was something about U.S. government sponsored propaganda in Iraq which may have had somethng to do with something called "The Recovery Channel" (this link is the closest thing they have so far to their own website) which is run at least partially by FEMA and acted as their mouthpiece during the Katrina disaster. Today, there is much buzz about blatant propaganda being fed to Iraqis through the U.S. Department of defense (even Hitchens is not excusing this one). It's also coming out that the CIA misled Italian authorities about a terror suspect. Really, is this any way to treat your friends? There are other things coming out about the way American intelligence conducts things. I would just like to tell them to stop with the hurried, panicking way they go about it, and at least start respecting the sovereignty of other countries, particularly if they want to help you.

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