Friday, December 02, 2005

Are you satisfied? If so, WHY?!

Apparently there was a meeting of the Green Party on Wednesday of last week, and there was a confrontation between the leader Jim Harris and Michael Oddy, who until recently led the Nova Scotia Green Party. There does seem to be quite a lot of ado about the conservative element in the Green Party and the mainstreaming of it. I didn't even pick up this issue of The Walrus about that because the fact that the Green Party is conservative, or maybe just slightly more conservative than say, the NDP, does not bother me in the least. And if corporations want to pitch in and help us, why stop them? I heard recently that more corporations are getting involved in environment-friendly initiatives, for whatever reason. Perhaps even they are starting to worry about the future of the human race.

My only reservation about the conservative element of the Green Party is that I could not find anything on George Grant on their website (Aeneas the Younger has more links to information about him on his blog). He was the inspiration to a book I read earlier this year called "Does Canada Matter?" by Clarence Bolt (reviewed here and here). The Greens ought to read Bolt's and Grant's books and take to heart what they have to say, because much of what he has to say is environmentally friendly and he does not give too much license for corporations to do what they want. I think that corporations can help, but they should not be allowed to take over the whole cause, which is quite likely what has happened in most federal governments in Western democracies today.

In the meantime, acknowledging that I am a member of the Green Party, I kinda hope that they do get mainstreamed, perhaps elect a member to Parliament, maybe even gain official party status if they elect enough members. That's pretty far off, but we should hope for serious change in Ottawa. Check out what M. Dubreuil Reynolds from Laval has to say, he pretty much echoes my sentiments. As for possible alternatives, I go into detail about them in a earlier post from the middle of this year. That link should serve as a primer for people who haven't been following too closely but would like to know more. At work today, someone asked what the party platforms are, and wouldn'tcha know it, I didn't know how to answer her. Could anyone else try to answer that?


Vincent Keating said...

The Greens have been getting a pretty smooth ride recently - this just reinforces that when it comes down to it, they're just another political party with their own internal disagreements. The same fight happens in the NDP, except it's not 'conservatives' but 'third-wayers' that oppose the 'ideologically-pure.' (whatever that means)

The big problem right now is that no one (and by this, I mean the general public) knows exactly what the Greens are about, other than environmentalism. Still, all of this will be fleshed out on the election, since they now have some sort of profile. Ultimately if green supporters are more flaky-left overall, there will be a leadership change post-election. If they're more mainstream but environmentally conscious, then you can expect the status quo.

Saskboy said...

The party platforms as Canadians understand them I summed up in a blog post a few weeks ago. Here's an excerpt:
Nov. 29
Here're my 2006 election predictions:

* Harper will say the Liberals are corrupt and hate marriage.
* Martin will say the Conservatives are scary and hate gays.
* Layton will say, "What about health care?"
* Duceppe will say, "What about Quebec?"
* And the Canadian public will say, "Who's Jim Harris? You mean there are 308 Green Party candidates? There are that many Green Party members in Canada?!"

And on January 24th, the Tuesday after the Monday election, we'll all be saying, "Why in the H. E. Double Hockey Sticks. did we just spend $400 Million on an election to get another Liberal minority government with fewer NDP seats, no Green seats, a lot more Bloc seats, and just enough Conservative seats to send Harper out to pasture to use his spiffy new cowboy hat?" So put away about $12 for each person in your household, because that's how much you're paying for this exercise in democracy. Merry Canvassing everyone, and a Happy New Government!

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