Thursday, November 03, 2005

Historical parallels?

This article contains a story about a not-particularly-bright man who is elected president, and his political Svengali. No, not that; this actually happened about a century ago, when a man named William McKinley was elected president.

He fought a (Spanish-American) war under a flimsy pretext, worked for corporate interests, and otherwise governed badly. That article is written by Jacob Weisburg, who collects Bushisms like some people collect butterflies. My parents even bought me a desktop calendar of Bushisms last Christmas. I don't turn the page every day, it's great for late-night reading ... but I digress.

McKinley was assassinated, and succeeded by Theodore Roosevelt. He was an admirable fellow, who quite unlike his predecessor, fought the corporations and enacted anti-trust laws (for that, I could easily forgive him for the Alaskan panhandle, anyone from the West Coast could probably explain better what I'm talking about). The article sounds somewhat hopeful, that Americans will soon be fed up with the extreme religious and corporate conservatism of the current administration and drift back towards the Centre. I hope I haven't given too much away, but I just thought that that article sounded positive, compared to what we've been getting lately in political news.


yochanan said...

and when will canuks get tired of bankrupt socialism?

Looney Canuck said...

You obviously didn't know how solvent the Canadian economy is. We've had budget surpluses since the late 1990s. So did you until Bush the Younger came along. I'll grant you 9/11, but the free spending and general incompetance of you Republican dominated government is going to make you bankrupt... I was going to say long before us, but since our economy is so closely tied to yours, we'll be bankrupt not long after that. But we can blame your government totally.

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