Thursday, November 24, 2005

Going shopping tomorrow?

Not if I can help it. How many of you were aware that tomorrow the 25th has been designated this year's International Buy Nothing Day (more at Adbusters). I meant to post that earlier, but, you know, between school and work... Anyway, I only learned this week that tomorrow is also called "Black Friday", for what reason, God knows. But it signifies the busiest shopping day of the year and the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.

I think that this is a great idea, but before I go into all those reasons about anti-consumerism that you've probably heard before (even from me), I think of it as a sort of fast. It doesn't feel good while your doing it, but it's supposed to feel good afterward. I can't promise to abide by it myself, I might need to buy a coffee or something, but I'll be sure to let you know how I did and how it felt. As for the "culture jammers", I'm not sure if I agree with all of their tactics, I find some of them a little extreme, but I believe in most of what they say. As for those of you who read this and tell me that you're going to buy twice as much just for spite, I personally don't care. I'm not saying that anyone has to do or not do anything, I'm just informing, albeit on very short notice.

Still on the environment, will someone explain away this? Probably just something that the communist MSM and scientists are just making up. Right...?

I was talking to someone at work who disagrees with the idea of IBN Day, because it might affect the small, local, Mom-and-Pop outfits, and I actually agree with his reasoning. They shouldn't have to suffer, just the big-box stores. And as for what I bought today, I bought a Fair Trade brand coffee and a Pop Shoppe brand cream soda (it's a local brand that's just coming back after over 20 years.) So far so good, but tonight I'm going to Saint Mary's to watch a student film festival, we'll see where that goes.


A. Klemmer said...

I think Black Friday became that because it's the day a lot of retail companies go from being financialy in the red to being in the black. Or so the story goes. I didn't know that was the buy-nothing day, but I didn't anyway. Most Sundays around here are declared No-Shop Sunday, and I think we're happier for it.

Looney Canuck said...

Very few people have ever even heard of it. I usually find out a week or two beforehand.

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