Saturday, November 26, 2005

A Bit of Recent History

It would seem that the tide is turning on the Bush Administration. People are getting tired of the war in Iraq, or just changing their minds about it completely (except of course for Mr. C. Hitchens). My own $ .02 is: I was never convinced of the correctness of overthrowing Saddam. There were some better targets with better connections to terrorism. But even if invading Iraq was the right thing to do, what was the hurry about it? There was at least time to get it right, time enough to get organized, gather enough troops, and at the very least, go in with a PLAN! Even some of the officers were squawking that they weren't ready for combat then.

Since "Mission Accomplished" was declared on May 1st, 2003, they showed a convincing display of force, but it was all downhill from there. They allowed chaos and anarchy to reign once Saddam fled. If they had gone in with anything resembling a plan, much of the trouble could have been prevented. The American troops could have probably been finished some time ago and moved on to their next target (I'm sure that there are a few legitimate ones), and I could have changed my own mind about the Iraq war. But as it happened, the American forces are destroying their credibility and their ability to fight in more wars, because they may be needed elsewhere.

I believe that they had all the wrong attitudes going into this. They seemed to see themselves as G.I. Joe superhero types, who ended up being bitterly disappointed when flowers were not lined in the streets to greet the "liberators". I first saw the "Project For The New American Century" a few years ago, and I was reminded of it thanks to athemeblade. I think that it was presented to me as a sort of statement of the Americans' intention to redesign the whole world in their own image, and I was perturbed by it at the time, but if you read the comment that I made, I stated that they simply can't, and if they think they can, they're nuts. I basically say that American power is being misused, and they could do so much better under a reasonably competent administration. This may put me more on the side of the neo-cons (shudder) than the pacifists, but I do still believe in America, and that they are capable of smartening up and doing better than they have been.

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