Thursday, October 27, 2005

Everything you want to know about...

Tom DeLay. Now, "Show Me" his close friend, Missouri governor Roy Blunt. Well, that site hasn't been updated in a while, but something's bound to come out about him though. Apparently, they're in a different camp from the Bushies, but they're not that much smarter.

And now, more chutzpah!
So Dave Dingwall was cleared of wrongdoing today. It begs the question, whose standard of wrong is being used here? While Pallister apparently got some of his facts wrong (how long has it been since we had politicians who could conduct proper investigatins and keep facts straight?), it is just the prevailing attitude of people like Dingwall that are shocking. I'd like to thank my co "Non-Partisan" Cyber Menace for finding this link first. I seldom agree with him, but that column seems to keep the matter in perspective. Legally he may not have done anything wrong, but he took full advantage of the perks he was given. I would love to see Dingwall sue someone, since it would most likely come back to bite him in the ass. For the actual numbers, go here.

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