Thursday, September 08, 2005

My August 10th post about that book by Clarence Bolt started a discussion on an MSN discussion board, but I couldn't join myself because I'm not a member of MSN, and am in no hurry to do so, because I am a member of so many places online it's just so hard to keep up. However, I would like to respond to what some of them said...

First I would like to thank MetalGuru441 (no links, sorry) for finding that post interesting enough to write about, although we disagree on Wal-Mart.

To RealityCheck, I'm not from Toronto (check the profile). I don't have a driver's licence so you may think that it's just sour grapes. It may be partly true but only because the public transit system here leaves a lot to be desired. And for you and MaggieBack1, do you deny that neo-cons exist? That's how it sounds to me, but feel free to explain what you meant by that.

And lastly, to Grumples 42, speaking only for myself, I am not particularly envious, I think I'm considerably less so than the average person, and I was never an "Elite". I couldn't understand the rest of what you said, but I think that you could be held up as an example for RealityCheck and Maggieback1.

Onto other things...

Here's an interesting postscript on the Scopes Monkey Trial, and the apparent evolution (there, I said it) of fundamentalist thought in the States since then.

Some Touristy Advice
One man's week in Halifax, and the city's best kept secret...

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