Friday, September 23, 2005


My first post (now deleted) from August 31st had a link to a story about a former Nova Scotia MLA who is being charged with 91 offenses. I thought that Brian Boudreau was the Minister of Finance under Premier John Savage, apparently, that was Bernie Boudreau, and as far as I know, his record is still spotless. Brian Boudreau, the one being charged, had no portfolio as far as I can recall, and I'm not even sure which party he belonged to. Hat tip to FreeSisyphus for setting me straight. He comes from my hometown but currently lives in Taiwan. I can only hope that he has an escape plan in case the mainland Chinese decide to attack.


Brian Appel said...

Brian Boudreau is a Nova Scotia Liberal...or was, anyway. Now, he's just a political wannabe.

FreeSisyphus said...

I don't expect an attack anytime soon. The Chinese are too busy filling their bank account to be bothered. The greed capitalism and globalisation are drawing Taiwan closer everyday. No need to attack. Taiwan will sell itself soon enough. Democracy or money. Which one would you choose? I have a good idea which one they will.

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