Friday, August 26, 2005

So What's Been Happening?

It's been a pretty slow summer politically, particularly up here. What have I been reading the last couple of weeks? Let's see...

Oh yes, the repeated smear campaign of Cindy Sheehan, in Canada (see every other post from Angry In The Great White North lately) as well as the U.S. Even Christopher Hitchens is taking some shots at her (here, and here). Doesn't it seem that he is really going out of his way to support the war and the Bush Administration? Come on people, she may be wrong, but why all the personal attacks?

Today, I started rediscovering the Arts Letters Daily website on my sidebar, and starting from the bottom, I found a fascinating article by Salman Rushdie, which is bound to upset people on both sides of the Intelligent Design/Evolution debate or even on both sides of the God question itself (as if Mr. Rushdie did not have enough to worry about). Also, this article on the purity of the motives of "Sir" Bob Geldof, Bono, and many of the international charity organizations (particularly

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