Friday, July 29, 2005

It's been almost a month now

I've been busy struggling to get up-to-date on the lastest software technology after allowing myself to fall behind for so long (presumably for going out and having a life :) Since I started my new job, I've been immersing myself in MS-Outlook for my office e-mail, and still think I half understand it. I have also been trying to familiarize myself with all the latest versions of MS-Windows XP, NT, Office (Word I pretty much could handle, but just started using Excel), as well as RSS, Firefox, the Netscape/Firefox hybrid (well, they're not work-related, but it still adds to my point). As a kid, didn't you always wonder what the future would be like? All computerized maybe? Well now, you have automatic updates and so many different programs and plug-ins, it becomes a full-time job just to keep up with them, and most of us already have jobs. The future just ain't what it used to be. I only hope that I can get caught up and be able to settle into a routine really soon.
Here is a post I was going to write but never finished, dated on June 8th called "Swept Away in the Flashflood of technology":
I just can't keep up with it all. I keep hearing about the lastest advances that are going to make everything that we have obsolete in just a few years. I heard on CBC radio the other day that compact discs are going to be like 8-track tapes before too long, and that DVD technology is going to be giving way to something called "blue light", and iPods? I never figured those things out, and will continue to resist doing so.

So what can I do? Besides throwing out all of my VHS tapes, not buying any more CDs and DVDs, and eventually throwing out the ones I have, I can only hope that we will hit the technological wall soon, and put it to more constructive uses rather than just gather all recorded sights and sounds and digitize them. As much as I like computers and computer related technology, it's all going too fast for me. I'm reminded of that "Mr. Roboto" song by Styx, as quaint and campy as it sounds now, it does make a valid point.
Well, since I wrote that, I've had to come around somewhat, although I do feel a bit dehumanized at first when I try something new and different. Is it just the overall pace, or is it software technology increasing at an almost exponential rate, or is it just me? You have to wonder who is driving the pace, and how much longer even people to DO like working with computers (like me) can put up with it. What I am sincerely hoping for is that computer technology can slow down and become more simplified, so that we are not caught flat-footed or always rushing for the most up-to date software and then having to learn how to use it. Has anyone read that article in this week's MacLean's?

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Chris Kaye said...

Try using Moilla's Thunderbird. I find it to be a much better and secure alternative to Outlook.

Just yesterday I tried to give the Opera browser a shot and possibly make the switch from FireFox. While there were some features I loved about it (it was a suite as opposed to just a browser...Mozilla is my next try-out), I found it difficult to customize to my liking. I DID enjoy the way it loaded pages and the ability to change the way the sites appeared however.

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