Monday, June 20, 2005

Looking for Zach

Last week, I read a story that has been making its rounds on the blogosphere, about a sixteen year old boy named Zach, whose parents put him in a program to "re-program" homosexuals. You can't expect all parents to be happy to hear the news that their child is gay, but this story sickened me. Before I offer this Zach person my support, I have to be sure that this story is as it seems. It may be a hoax, so I just have to make sure. Today is supposed to be his last day at "Refuge", and am anxious to hear how he is now. If the story is true, then I hope that Zach could be moved away from his parents, and that the glare of publicity shows their shame.

P.S. As bad as that Refuge program must be, let's stop comparing that and other things to the Holocaust or Soviet Gulags. Those terms get thrown around way too much these days and are an insult to people who lived and died through those experiences.

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