Thursday, May 05, 2005

It Just Gets Better and Better, Doesn't It?

I just noticed that MSNBC Slate has a link on the bottom of the page to CBC News, calling it "Canadian Politics". Are there any other moments in history where Canadian politics has attracted so much interest?

I thought that it was too much of a leap in logic to liken Conservatives to the KKK for that "Libranos" poster. So they were mixing a stereotype of Italians with the Liberal party. I didn't think it was particularly clever of funny, but I didn't think that it was racist either. I do think that Mr. Volpe was exaggerating just a tad, but apparently, he won't apologize.

One good thing about present day conservatism is that there are certain things that it will never sink to or even think of sinking to again. It will never court the Klan or any blatantly racist organization, so Volpe should keep his trap shut about that. If anything, he should probably worry about what people in his own caucus are saying.

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