Friday, April 08, 2005

Maybe They Shouldn't Bother To Run Next Time

Never mind for a second what people on the Right are saying about the Liberals. What's far more interesting is what people on the LEFT are saying about them, because if you know they say so, it must be true. Let's hear it for Cathie, POGGE, Adam, Greg, and Timmy G. Even to Ben's shock, the CBC is getting into it as well. It almost seems that the Liberals had already given up on Canada and were basically taking all they could get before the whole structure imploded, like corporations with pump and dump strategies such as Enron. It's basically take the money and run now.

Still on business, or fake business as I believe it is, I just signed on to Blogshares (see sidebar) on Monday. Of course, it entailed claiming my blog and getting 1000 out of the 5000 there were in total as well as $500 in fake money. Also, someone by the name of Kenna Fearing had invested in my blog and still had a majority interest in it. But last night, something very interesting happened. I had received a gift from "The Pompatus of Love", it was 1357 shares in Then I received several more messages which I was informed that my shares were sold until ultimately, I received a notice of a hostile takeover of Blogdrive. Was I mad? Heck no, I ended up with $14 million in my account. Again, this is only a game, but it is indeed a fascinating game, and I started buying up very expensive shares. Unfortunately, I also issued 10000 shares into my blog, I meant to issue only 5000, but I pressed the refresh button so I issued another 5000 shares, and apparently, you can't "unissue" shares. As you may have figured, I know precious little about the stock market, real or not, but I am willing to learn. I'm really curious to figure out how the stock market operates.
I don't know, should I be grateful to the Pompatus (whatever that is, and yes, I have heard of that Steve Miller song) from Seattle or should I heed that old saying about "Greeks bearing gifts"? Or else, does this sort of thing happen to EVERYONE who recently signed onto Blogshares? Well, it still seems that I have a whole lot of "Monopoly" money that I don't know what to do with. Any advice?


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