Saturday, March 19, 2005

Personal notes

First, forgive me for this particular post, because it may seem to be everything that this blog is not, which is the everyday details of my personal life. I personally do not care for blogs like that, and I'm sure that many of you look down your noses on such blogs. The purpose of this one is basically to record what I've learned and when; what information I have learned and feel is important enough to share with everyone, to throw in my own spin on things, and everyone is welcome to tell me what a putz I am. If you're profane or too disrespectful, the worst that I'll do is ban your name, e-mail address, and any comments you have from my blog (what can I tell you, I DO believe in censorship. I want to keep this forum PG rated).

On The Subject Of Me
I've had a pretty interesting day today, so where should I start? Here, I'm writing from a computer lab at St. Saint Mary's University, where I just recently declared my major in Political Science, with a minor in English. Yesterday, I turned over a book to the Security desk, which I assumed had been lost, because it appeared to have a bookmark in it. Interestingly (to me at least) the bookmark had a number on it, so I wasn't sure whether or not it was lost intentionally. Actually, I had seen some places (coffee shops and the like) that said in the window that this is a place to leave or pick up books from, and often thought of signing up, but never got around to doing so, until today.

I looked up the book (Sunday Best by Edward O. Phillips) and found that it wasn't that highly rated, so I don't know if I'll bother asking for it back, but if you're reading this, then you can see my old link replaced with a link to my bookshelf. I just employ the same username I do here, so I don't think that there should be any kind of problem, because I believe that and are both run by Google. If I see a book I want to talk about, I'll put it on my bookshelf and probably provide a link to it.

Looney Canuck's Big Move
Also, I changed the city on my profile from Halifax to Dartmouth. It was probably because when I was first writing my profile, I wasn't aware that would automatically link me to people according to what I typed in it, and when I realized that this server did, it just did not occur to me to correct it. So when I did that today, I saw a couple of people that I knew from before on my side of the harbor. However, it is my ultimate goal to move to Halifax, so I don't have to cross the bridge and get into traffic snarls on the way to school as terribly as I usually do.

One Last Thing
Roberto Alomar has announced his retirement. My favorite memory of him is sitting in Jerry's Pub and watching him hit that home run off Dennis Eckersley in the 1992 ACLS, which probably more than anything else turned the series around for the Blue Jays, so that they could not blow it again if they tried and finally get over that hump. On a personal level though, I wonder if he is headed for Cooperstown, I believe his numbers are good enough. I'm particularly interested because I have a rookie card of his, and wonder how much it's worth, or how much it's going to appreciate. Any thoughts about this?

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Anonymous said...

Not to be picky (although it is), but it's 'Saint Mary's' -- not 'St.' -- the PR people would jump all over you (as they have done to me in the past).

Roberto Alomar is probably one of the few baseball players I can still name. It's sad when you think that all of these historical figures are now retiring -- it's like we're getting old or something...

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