Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Notice to the Left

For most of the last 50 years, you were in charge of Western culture, and the Right was in opposition. Today, the climate is just the opposite. The Right is now in charge, and will be for some time. So stop acting like you're in the driver's seat, and start acting like the Opposition. As the Right slowed you down in your heyday, so now you must slow them down. You need to re-form, regroup, and basically start all over again.

You have done most of what you set out to do in the beginning, but we must now accept a more (dare I say) conservative way of thinking, in the sense that you just cannot solve everyone and everyone else's problems. Charity, and other things, begin at home. Make of it what you will, but you must begin to act and talk more sensibly, and not allow yourselves to be brought down by poor representatives (ask me who they are).

It's probably time I weighed in on the subject that frankly I have been avoiding. So what really is the point of same-sex couples getting married? I don't think that most of them really want to get married anyway. And those that do, my only real issue with it is whether or not it will work. And my belief in that is a definite "no". While I am in favor of benefits for same-sex unions, and for protection against discrimination and harrassment, but on the subject of marriage, I can't think of who said it first, but I'm reminded of the old quotation, "Why ruin a good thing by getting married?" I can be a hard-liner on the subject of any marriage, I mean, why does anyone get married anymore, gay or not? The reasons that people get married today do not make a whole lot of sense, unless they want to have children. Even then, divorce may be expensive but it's relatively easy to get. I'm sure that at some level, most people who do get married do not intend to stay, "'til death do they part". With gay marriages, we're going to have more and more divorces, and more children from broken homes, and I don't think that society needs any more of those. I am willing to admit that I'm wrong if a wedded gay couple lasts for more than 20 years. Gay unions may work, but I just don't think marriage works for them. That's my prediction of the day, feel free to blast my comment box now, I'm ready for it.


Pete said...

Gays do want to get married, thats why they are pushing for it, the rest of the left is just backing them up.

Looney Canuck said...

I am aware of that, what I was asking was, why do they want to? My point was, in short, that it won't work.

Krista said...

The Conservatives are in charge? Do you live in Alberta? Because I am sitting here in Toronto, and Lord I wish you were right.

Looney Canuck said...

Yes, I believe they are. Just because some people call themselves Liberals does not mean that they're on the far left. Western culture has been drifting to the right, particularly in the last few years and down South where they have almost complete control of the federal government.

In general, people are leaning toward more freedom in the marketplace and are tiring of single issue activism. There's always going to be Right and Left in any free society. Particularly when the free-market purists on the Right failed the system in the late '20s, FDR came up with the New Deal and the Left was beginning to take hold, but it was not without resistance from the Right and did not take overnight to establish itself, just as the Right now cannot do everything it wants without resistance from the Left, radical agenda take time. (When I say radical, I mean core beliefs and fundamental laws, not political extremism.)

Since then, the mandate of the Left has gone as far as it can go and has fallen out of popular sentiment, and the Right is going to be determining public policy for the forseeable future. As I tried to state earlier, the Left needs to make serious changes to its strategy if it hopes to give the Right the opposition it needs and make an eventual comeback.

Mike said...

I am in favour of letting gay people ruin their lives with marriage. I appreciate your pragmatic point about marriage being a tad over rated and not without issue but true equality means an equal opportunity to fail at marriage too.

I heard it said that 30 years ago we made it legal for gay people to have sex and now we want to make it legal for them also to be in love.
And it was Jean Chretin who said that in Canada, whenever we are given the choice between giving a group more rights or less rights, we always choose more rights...most Canadians I think are ok with it, notwithstanding Stephen Harper.

Thursday said...

My favorite stat from all this is that there are about 16000 married gay couples in Canada right now: eight of them in Quebec, where the strongest support for gays to marry is.

Go figure.

Looney Canuck said...

Mike and Thursday:

My main issue is whether or not it will work, particularly if there are children involved, also, that straight people don't seem to know why they get married, except to make themselves look more respectable, and people seem to think that it looks better if people are divorced than never married. It's just stupidity feeding off stupidity.

Also, if gay couples want to adopt, it may work sometimes, but it would have to be a fairly good percentage. If gay couples have a higher rate of dysfunction than straight couples, then the whole idea of gay marriage should be scrapped. My money is on it not working.

As for those 16000 married gay couples (if that is indeed accurate), I'd like to see 10% of them stay the course 10 years down the line. Again, I don't believe that they will. If homosexuals want what they see as a right, then they have to earn it, no one, not even the Supreme Court, can rightly say that it is a right.

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