Monday, February 21, 2005

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This may seem like an advertisement, but I'll try not to make it sound like that. I just picked up something that should serve as inspiration for the Left, and it better summarizes the problem and proposes a serious solution for their problems. It is in this month's issue of the Sun magazine (no, it's not a tabloid or British skin mag). There are two articles that caught my attention, both are by a guy named Michael Shellenberger. But they will only show one of them online, and little more than the lede, and it also requires Acrobat (too late, huh?). In summary, it says that the Left needs a whole different vision, and not just be a swarm of fragmented special interests.

So who saw "The Simpsons" yesterday? The papers said that Patty Bouvier "came out", but I had seen that earlier episode when the Gay Pride parade went through Springfield, two people were hiding in the closet, one of course was Waylon Smithers, but we already knew that he was, anyway, and the other hidden voice was of course one of Marge's twin sisters. There does seem to be a higher incidence of homosexuality among one twin, so it makes sense. But really, was anyone suprised? Apparently, Groening was trying not to appear too one-sided, but failed. He probably could not have avoided the issue forever, but it's just that the quality of the show has been in decline for a few years at least. Face it, it's not cutting edge anymore, and never will be again. It needs to be taken off the air before it really "Jumps the Shark", if it hasn't already. At least though, couldn't the characters (particularly the kids) age a little bit? Couldn't Maggie get the soother out of her mouth and start to TALK? Couldn't Bart and List start to have some adolescent or even pre-adolescent angst??


Vox Poplar said...

Having Patty come out of the closet when she wasn't really in the closet in the first place is basically the Simpsons taking the proverbial p*ss out the media.

They announced the episode months ago, claiming a big surprise, which led to media speculation that it was going to be Flanders, or Smithers, or anyone of a dozen other characters, and then they do the bait and switch and make it the most obvious character.

I don't think the show has jumped the shark yet. One thing I learned is that everyone complains that this season isn't as good as some past 'golden season.' Then they watch the episodes and reruns and find them just as enjoyable as the rest.

That's my opinion, and I do tend to be right about everything.

Mike said...

I tend to be a bit unobservant but I was surprised that Patty came out and I thought Sunday's episode was pretty funny with Homer marrying evryone and everything that wanted to get married...I bet Stephen Harper flipped the channel to the Miracle Network part way through...
Harper makes the argument that same-sex marriage will lead to legalized polygamy. To me that begs the question: 'So What?'

Anyway, perish the thought of our beloved Simpsons jumping the shark (wasn't the introduction of Poochie a few years ago their self proclaimed jumping the shark moment anyway?)

Looney Canuck said...


I suspect that the media ploy "The Simpsons" were trying was more of a last ditch effort to stay relevent, like Debbie Gibson (are you old enough to remember her?). Did you see that episode when Homer pledged $15,000 to his PBS station, and the show ended up taking a shot at the more edgy "Family Guy"? Also, my complaint for years is that the kids never get older, and I think it's about time they did.

Those are my opinions, but I'm not as sure of myself as you are. Comes with age, I guess.


I'm sure Cole Porter would have loved you, but I'm just not an "anything goes" kind of person. Also, I never saw the episode you mentioned.

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