Monday, February 16, 2004

Having survived the week...

It's the Monday after, and I'm still not all better yet. Still taking some inconvienient afternoon naps, and still lack the right organization in my life. I wanted to come here earlier but one of my rats, the one I call "Ace" was bleeding quite a bit. I gave her what TLC I could, even contemplated taking her to the vet, even at high cost and uncertainty where they moved it in Burnside, but I was willing to take the chance. Fortunately, she stopped bleeding after a while, and I felt it was safe to go out and make some deposits, and to come here.

Yesterday, I tried some chicken in that jerk sauce. Talk about hot! My tummy was still giving me trouble today, and I'm still not sure if it has recovered fully. Saturday was interesting, since I did some much needed shopping. Bought a couple of CDs, some blank disks, and a book. The book I'll get to in a minute, the CDs were "Welcome To My Nightmare" and "No Cure For Cancer". Two classic albums whom you just know who the performers are. Later, I had supper with Sheila at Big Leagues, was a little late, which seemed a tad inconvienient for her, but it worked out in the end. That day, I was trying to get a hold of Mom or Dad, but I couldn't. It was only after we left Big Leagues Dad called me and said that Mom was in the hospital with chest pains. She was feeling better by the time he left the hospital and went home, but I didn't hear from her until around midnight.

Off topic: Is Tony Blair in bed with Rupert Murdoch?

Thursday, to begin with, I got that debate over with. I was the middle wheel apparently, James did most of the talking, Bryson the least. I think my testimonial survived intact, James didn't entirely. Guess it pays not to care. I was impressed by the outfit the foreign girl was wearing, a spandex dress. Never really noticed her in that way before, couldn't keep my eyes off her. Afterward, I did some computer work, then decided to go home, have supper, and went to the town meeting about Paul Martin.

It was two guys promoting books, only one of them had anything good to say about our new Prime Minister. His life seems to run very nearly parallel to George W. Bush. He's a CEO, although not a particularly competent one. One difference being that Dubya's father made it into the top job. I saw some books promoted up front, one of which I bought Saturday, although it was not written by the two guys who were there. I've just read the flaps so far, and it seems to be a little more even-handed than the books by the other two guys. I have to wonder what their own politics are, are they just people on the loony left? Can the things they say be dismissed to easily? I always thought that the welfare reforms of the last 50 years needed some scaling back so the country could rebuild, but according to them, he did it all wrong, that he was in fact pandering to the whims of corporations (or words to that effect.)

Link of the moment:
That link doesn't seem to have anything good to say about Mr. Martin either. If not him, then who else?

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